Leaf Poem

maple leaf cartoon
The leaves of a tree,
Of a bush, or a plant,
Help them survive,
Without them they can’t…
They’re often bright green,
Or similar hues,
They’re where growing green plants,
Make their own foods!
Leaves are a plant’s part,
That grow above ground,
They show different shapes,
From needles to round…
pine needles cartoonround leaf cartoon
Leaves collect sunshine,
Can turn towards the sun,
smiling sun cartoon
Some can catch insects,
venus fly trap
Snap closed, and it’s done!
In fall, leaves may leave,
The branch of their tree,
Fly in the wind,
Full colored and free!
fall leaf with colors
Leaves, an amazing,
Part of a plant,
They help plants to live,
Without them, they can’t

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What is a leaf?

The leaf is an above ground organ of a plant that is important in the production of food (through photosynthesis).

Leaves collect sunlight and also help the plant to exchange gasses (oxygen and carbon dioxide) with the atmosphere.
Leaves come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, and these are mostly determined by the environment in which the plant lives.

Some plants, such as mosses do not have true leaves. Cacti have leaves that have evolved into spines that do not engage in photosynthesis.

Because food is produced in leaves, many animals eat leaves to get nutrition (folivores). These include koalas, iguanas, and caterpillars.

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