50 States Song (2)



Yes America, she’s got 50 states,
Yes America, she’s got 50 states,
Alabama to Wyoming,
East to west coast, we go roaming
‘Cause, America’s she’s got 50 states!

Oh yes, 4 states that we say start with A,
Now Alabama and Alaska lead the way,
Then Arizona, Arkansas,
On the map we start to draw,
Those first 4 states that we say,
They start with A!

California, Colorado, Connecticut, (start with C!)
While Delaware’s a state that starts with letter D,
Sunny Florida and Georgia,
2 southeastern states right for-ya’
And Hawaii is the one that’s in the sea…

Oh yes, Idaho and Illinois are I’s
Indiana straight to Iowa, no surprise…
Well there’s none that have a J,
But 2 K’s we have to say,
Yes, Kansas and Kentucky
Win that prize…


Yes, Louisiana before there’s 8 with M,
I think I’ll try to think of those again,
Well there’s Maine, Maryland,
Massachusetts, Michigan,
Leaving 4 more M’s to say, so let’s begin!
Well there’s Minnesota first, then Mississippi,
Yes, let’s visit 50 states, let’s take a trippy!
There’s Missouri and Montana,
Like bright yellow’s for banana,
Oh there’s 8 states that begin with letter M!

Oh yes letter N is next we have to say,
And Nebraska and Nevada, lead the way,
Those nice N states there are eight,
And it’s really, really great,
Yes, there’s 8 great states that start with letter N…

New Hampshire, New jersey, New Mexico,
And New York is 6th I heard,
Let’s send a text and go,
North Carolina, North Dakota,
Everybody gets a “votah”’
In this land we call America today


Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon,
Pennsylvania, and Rhode island
R’s are fun,
Oh, 2 states that start with South,
They’re just rolling from my mouth,
South Carolina, South Dakota,
S is done!

Tell me Tennessee and Texas are the T’s,
Good Ol’ Utah’s spelled with U now, if you please,
And Vermont first then Virginia,
Are 2 V’s you’ve got it in-ya’,
Washington’s a state, but never is DC

West Virginia, then Wisconsin,
They’re all right,
And Wyoming is the last,
You got that right
Let’s go roaming it’s a blast
50 states have come and past!
They make the states of the United States today

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