Lion Acrostic Poem

lion cub cartoon

Little lion,
once saw,
On a little hill,
Never ceased his licking lollies (I guess he never will…)

lollipops cartoonlollipop cartoon

Little lemon lollipops,
In his little mouth,
Over little lion tongue,
Nibbled north to south…

lion carrtoon

Looking over,
In his pride
One large lion said,
Nonsense eating sweets my cub- Go eat meats instead…
steak cartoon
Lion cub kept licking,
It’s always stick to top,
Once I lick a lollipop,
Nothing makes me stop!

What is a lion?

Lions are the second largest of all cats- only smaller than tigers. An adult male lion can weigh up to 550 pounds (250Kg).

Lions are only found in Africa and in the Gir forest in India.
Lions are the most social of all cats and live in groups called prides. Most other cats live alone. A pride usually consists of one or two males and can have up to 30 females.

Female lions (lioness) do most of the hunting, (they are nocturnal and hunt and night), while males protect the pride and its territory. Lions are carnivores and eat a strictly meat diet.

Male lions are the only cat that has a mane (a large crop of fur around its neck). The mane makes the lion look bigger and more intimidating.

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