Color Poem

Colors and colors,
Reflecting white light,
Reflecting hooray!
Reflecting all right!
prism separating light
Colors in day,
But what about night?
Can colors be seen,
If there isn’t white light?
Purple, pink, orange,
Light and dark green,
Colors give life,
And light to a scene,
Rainbows are made,
With water and light,
Arcs in the sky,
A beautiful sight!
Primary colors,
Yellow, red, blue,
Can mix to make colors,
For all that you do…
paint palette with colors
Colors and colors,
Make our lives bright,
Reflect to our eyes,
But not without light!

What is Color:

Objects reflect light in different ways. The wavelengths of these reflections determine the color that our eyes and brain perceive.

Without a light source to reflect from an object, we would not see any color at all.