Isthmus (landform) Poem

Miss Wishfish,
Gave me,
An isthmus for Christmas,
But I didn’t know what it was…
An isthmus,
Said teacher,
Bridges two lands,
It’s really all that it does…
Connecting two lands,
Like string connects kites,
An isthmus, or narrow land bridge…

Lands that are separate
An isthmus links up,
Like mountains connect with a ridge…
Now thank good Miss Wishfish,
For your isthmus for Christmas,
“Cause Isthmi are landforms so great,
And keep your behavior,
Stellar this year,
So next year,
She’ll give you a strait…

What is an isthmus?

An isthmus is a narrow strip of land that connects two larger bodies of land.

Because they generally are not wide landforms, canals are often built through an Isthmus to reach the water on either side.

The isthmus of Panama (which makes up the country of Panama between Costa Rica and Colombia) is where the Panama canal passes to join the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.