Telling Time To The Half-Hour

clock cartoon

Our teacher said,
It’s Monday morning,
Let’s go play!
It was only 8 AM,
And we all screamed hooray!
But when It began to rain,
That was really recess bliss,
And a half an hour passed so fast,
The clock told us this!
It wasn’t 8 O’Clock it was 8:30
Big hand on the six,
We were really very dirty!
Big hand on the 6,
And we knew that it meant 30
Between the 8 and 8
We saw the little hand go,
Recess was over and we screamed, “Oh No!”
Well our awesome teacher yelled,
I’m as proud as a birdy,
That you learned the longer hand,
On the 6 makes a :30,
We washed our muddy hands,
In our shiny classroom sink,
That made our teacher happy and she gave us all a wink,
Let’s have another recess,
That starts at 9 O’Clock,
Another half hour we were really all in shock!
Another Recess? SWEET!

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