Brain Poem

brain cartoon
Cradled in our cranium,
Is where you’ll find our brain-ium,
Enables us to think and do,
Remembers what! Remembers who!
emoji cartoon
When we’re feeling fine, or pain,
We utilize our human brain,
Like we’re doing,
When we think…
Let’s us see, makes us blink…
eyes cartoon
Some functions are involuntary,
Breathing air is one of many,
Digesting food!
digestive system cartoon
Our beating heart!
heart cartoon
Controlled by brain!
Our crucial part!
Connects straight-up with spinal cord,
Synapse, nerve,
It’s never bored,
Gives us feelings,
Does great things!
Let’s thank our brain for all it brings!
brain cartoon

What is the Brain?

The brain is the center of the nervous system and controls all the other organ systems of the body (both voluntary and involuntary).

Almost all animals possess some type of brain, but they differ in complexity- some primitive animals such as jellyfish and starfish do not possess a brain.

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