Oxidation/Rust Poem

When iron goes and oxidizes,
We often find a few surprises…
When ladder looks a tad-bit rusted,
ladder cartoon
It really can’t be so well-trusted…
Rust corrodes,
Over time,
Might make ladder bad to climb…
Rusty iron?
rusty nail cartoon
Not too strong,
Before too long…
When iron’s reddish, it’s just rust,
Can turn some metal into dust!
Yes, iron mixed with oxygen,
Throw a little moisture in,
water faucet cartoon
Oxidizes, makes it rust,
And rusty iron’s hard to trust…

What is Rust:

A reddish corrosion that develops on iron as it reacts with oxygen and water (In general, corrosion is a reaction of a metal with oxygen and water).

Although corrosion can contribute to the protection of certain types of metal, rust, is typically a porous and brittle substance, which over time will break loose, causing damage to the object.

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