Seed Poem

seed cartoon   
Where does it come from?
A giant tall tree!
Where does it come from?
Let’s read, and let’s see!
Trees you can’t beat them,
Growing so tall,

Start out as something,
That’s really quite small…
Like bushes, and cacti,
cactus cartoon
And grasses, and weeds,
Trees begin life by sprouting from seeds…
seed cartoon
And seeds, they can travel,
They get around town,
Blown through the air,
maple seed cartoon
Or roll on the ground,
Some carried by rodents,
Or birds in a beak,
bird cartoon
Get to new places,
New places they seek…
Some go for fun rides,
On clothing or furs,
Sticky and prickly,
Those seeds we call burrs…
Some travel by sea,
coconut green
But don’t get sea-sick,
Some get pooped out,
Disgusting and ick…
Seeds seek new places,
To sprout a new plant
Those seeds have to travel,
‘Cause trees,they just can’t…

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What are Seeds?

Inside a seed’s coat is the embryo that will grow into a new plant. The food for initial growth is also insde the seed.
Seeds may remain dormant for many years before they germinate.

The oldest seed successfully germinated was about 2,000 years old (a Judean Date Palm).

The largest seed is the Coco de Mer which may weigh up to 50 pounds (23 Kg).

Seeds disperse by many methods. Seeds such as coconuts can float and travel by sea (hence coconut palms growing along beaches), others are disperesed by the wind, animals, or by human agriculture.

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