Mr. R.'s Science Poems

Animal Poemsbutterfly poem
butterfly life cycle /metamorphosis
banana slug poem
bat poem (the only mammal that flies)
bird poem (a flying vertebrate)
blue whale poem (the largest animal on Earth)
camel poem (there is no water in those humps!)
caterpillar poem (a giant butterfly?)
cheetah poem (fastest land animal)
dinosaur poem (not sure I'd want to meet one)
earthworm poem (where would we be without them)
elephant poem (the largest land animal)
fish poem (gills to breathe)
giraffe poem (the tallest animal on Earth)
hummingbird poem (the smallest of all birds)
kangaroo poem
lion (an acrostic poem)
mosquito poem: parasite (the deadliest animal on Earth)
octopus poem (a tale of 3 broken hearts)
octopus poem (don't ask one for directions)
penguin poem (if penguins could fly)
shark poem (the largest fish in the ocean)
spider poem (they aren't insects)
tadpole poem (metamorphosis of a frog)
tiger poem (largest of all cats)
platypus poem (an egg laying mammal)
Plants and Treesbuds (a long winter's sleep)
cactus (a plant you shouldn't kiss)
deciduous (why are those trees bald?)
epiphyte (never touch that dirty ground)
leaf poem
photosynthesis (plants make their own food)
redwoods (tallest trees on Earth)
roots (absorbing water)
seeds (they can travel)
trees (let's protect them)
Human Anatomybones: (the bone thief)
brain: (I'm nervous about my nervous system)
circulatory system: (heart, veins, and arteries are a part of me!)
digestive system: (digestion prevents congestion!)
heart: (the organ that never takes a rest)
ligament: (holds bones to bones- better than glue!)
muscles: (you need them to move)
tendon: (connects our muscles to our bones!)
respiratory system: (trachea, lungs, alveoli)
teeth: (hardest part of our body)
vein: (I know I'm the best)
5 Sensesfive senses: (for five body parts)
ear: (my sense of hearing)
eye: (my sense of sight)
skin: (my sense of touch)
nose: (my sense of smell)
tongue: (my sense of taste)
biologymammals: (they're not fish, frogs, or birds)
adaptation: (why I make change)
autotroph: (don't buy bread in a loaf!)
basic needs: (of living things)
chicken egg: (a chubby chicken laid no eggs!)
extinction: (let's protect endangered species)
food chain (what eats what and who eats who?)
fungus: (on my pizza)
hibernation: (a kid who slept too much)
carnivore: (but Clyde never ate meat!)
herbivore: (eating plants what they adore!)
omnivore: (so easy to please)
migration: (moving to new ground)
diurnal: (I'll stay up all night!)
nocturnal: (the sun goes down, I come out)
parasite: (the day I bit a mosquito)
predator: (I hunt for my food)
prey: (I won't be a meal or a snack!)
Chemistryevaporation: (it's quite the sensation!)
condensation: (we got water for you)
dissolve: (how I hid the sugar!)
chemical change: (changing my molecules)
physical change: (visual change)
element: (the building blocks of everything!)
helium: (who drank the glass of gas?)
hydrogen: (I'm number one!)
matter: (makes me feel fatter!)
oxygen: (how long can I hold my breath?)
periodic table: (elements for sale)
oxidation/rust: (about a ladder you shouldn't trust)
H2O/water: (an oxygen atom that liked to cut school)
covalent bond: (sharing's nice!)
ionic bond: (it's really quite an ironic bond)
Earth Scienceair (suck me up through your nose!)
antarctica (the coldest place on Earth!)
climate: (weather, you like it or not!)
earthquake: (tectonic plate)
equator: (and the silly little ladybug)
everest: (the highest mountain on Earth!)
3 types of rocks: (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic)
volcano: (magnificent magma)
water cycle: (keeping it fresh)
Biome Poemsalpine: (what's at the top of the mountain?)
desert: (hot or cold, they're always dry)
rainforest (tropical): (forest floor, understory, canopy, emergent)
savannah (african): (A special type of grassland)
tundra (arctic): (Aunt Sue lives in a block of ice!)
Landform Poemsarchipelago: (when one island's not enough!)
continents: (are there 6, 7, 8, or 9?)
island: (water's all around me)
isthmus: (miss wishfish gave me an isthmus for christmas!)
peninsula: (starts with a pen but not filled with ink!)
strait: (links up two bodies of water)
weather poemsclouds: (too bad they can't talk...)
cumulus clouds: (cotton in the sky)
humidity: (a bad hair day for spider!)
hurricane: (lotsa' wind, lotsa' rain!)
lightning: (why does electricity have to fly?)
rain: (you just can't blow it away!)
wind: (dude called wind blew through town)
4 seasons poemssummer: (trees and bees)
fall: (winged things fly south)
winter: (skiing, sledding, leafless trees)
spring: (spring has sprung)
summer ACROSTIC poem: (summer sizzles)
fall ACROSTIC poem: (floating, falling leaves are flying)
winter ACROSTIC poem: (my freezing cold toes!)
spring ACROSTIC poem: (great to be here in sweet spring!)
Earth's atmospheretroposphere: (where weather lives)
stratosphere: (my fear of falling)
mesosphere: (meteors make a mess)
thermosphere: (a strange place to play)
exosphere: (the final frontier)
Physicsmagnets: (they're not for eating!)
matter: (makes me feel fatter!)
colors and light: (wavelengths)
force: (makes things move)
gravity: (why it hurts when I fall)
position words: (above, below, in front, behind)
sound: (vibrations make sound)
volume: (enormous water)
Solar System and Astronomythe sun: (no life without my energy)
the order of the planets music video
mercury: (closest to the Sun)
venus: (spins the other way!)
earth: (the planet we all share)
mars: (martians are coming!)
jupiter: (big bully of the sky!)
saturn: (rings for sale!)
uranus: (I spin on my side!)
neptune: (I don't want to be last!)
pluto: (I used to be a planet, but now I'm a dwarf!)
solar eclipse: (the Sun is gone!)
lunar eclipse: (the moon is gone!)
meteor: (I want to be a star! (a shooting star))
milky way: (not just a chocolate bar)
the moon: (lights my room)

All Science Poems and Science Songs on this site were written by Mr. R. on a whim and are © 2012-2022