Tadpole Poem

    Tadpole, tadpole,
Super sad-pole!
Had no legs to hop…
Didn’t look like cousin Jim,
Or even mom or pop!
Tadpole, tadpole,
Super sad-pole,
Not like mom or dad,
red frogfrog
After eyeballs,
Only tail,
Made her really sad!
Tadpole, tadpole,
Super sad-pole,
Had no lungs for air,
Had to use,
Gills to breathe,
It really wasn’t fair!
tadpole with legs
Tadpole, tadpole,
Super glad-pole,
Sat there on a log,
In the water,
A reflection,
She’d become a frog!

cartoon frog


Tadpoles (or pollywogs) are the larval forms of amphibians- commonly frogs and toads.

After tadpoles hatch from their eggs they live strictly in the water and breathe with gills, but as time passes they undergo a metamorphosis and grow legs, arms, and develop lungs for respiration.

Eventually they will become frogs and toads.