Dinosaur Poem

dinosaur cartoon
I’m not lying!
Roaring roars of dinosaurs!
Stomping slowly,
Growls lowly,
Clomping on its clawing paws!
Here comes one,
I’m toast! I’m done!
I’ve never felt so scared before!
I really hope,
I’ll never meet,
A real live, living dinosaur…


Will ignore us,
With its plated, sharpened spine,
Vegetarian, how it rolls,
lettuce cartoon
When it comes to eating time!

Consuming crops,
You plow through leaves and, trees, and thorns,
I’m happy you’re an herbivore,
Despite your three sharp, scary horns…
peas cartoon

Small in stature,
Tougher than a mean old bird,
a cartoon eagle
Curving claws and in your jaws,
Are sharpened teeth, is what I heard…
Coming for us!
Full-fledged fighting carnivore!
steak cartoon
Eating mostly meat for meals,
I never wanna’ hear your roar!
Although I love these dinosaurs,
And think they’re all fantastic,
I’m pretty stoked my dinosaurs,
Are made of soft green plastic…

plastic dinosaur

What is a Dinosaur?

According to fossil records, dinosaurs are a diverse group of animals that appeared on Earth about 230 million years ago. 

Dinosaurs roamed the Earth for over 135 million years (that’s a long time!)








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