cactus cartoon
D is for desert with plants,
I’m surprised there’s some green ones and ants,
With just enough practice,
I recognize cactus,
And thorns that got stuck in my pants…
Umbrella Cartoon

D is for desert so dry,
Don’t wait for wet rain from the sky,
Umbrella’s are useless,
My juice box is juiceless,
I hope I find water nearby…
smiling sun cartoon
A desert, I won’t soon forget,
It’s dry and it’s arid, you bet,
Some are quite hot,
While others are not,
But none of them get very wet…
ice cream caertoon
Desert has only one S,
But S can be doubled, I guess,
To make a dessert,
Like frozen yogurt,
More letters and more of a mess!
worm cartoon
Worm whined to big snake and fly,
The desert’s too arid and dry,
I can’t hang around,
This sandy dry ground,
Without moisture, I’d surely go cry…
shirt cartoon
I  was wearing a bright colored shirt,
As I travelled a barren desert,
Where the sun keeps things warm,
And there’s rarely a storm,
And there’s sand where’s there’s usually dirt…

water faucet cartoon
In the desert things surely adapt,

To conditions, or else they’ll feel trapped…
By things being dry,
There’s sand in my eye,
And my lips are incredibly chapped…

What is a desert?

Deserts can be hot or cold, but they are all characterized by low rainfall (often less than ten inches/year).

The largest desert in the world is actually Antarctica (a cold desert), and the largest hot desert is the Sahara in Africa.

Animals and plants that live in deserts have adapted to survive in the dry, harsh conditions. An example of this are cacti that can retain or store water with their bodies.

Remember to spell desert with one s or it will become dessert (like my third grade teacher always told me, you want more dessert so it has more s’s).

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