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Extinction Poem

The dinosaur,
dinosaur purple
And dodo bird,
No longer walk the ground,
Those are two that disappeared,
They’re nowhere to be found...
It's not good to be extinct,
It means you don’t exist,
Let me try to be succinct,
I'll only tell you this...
Over-hunting or pollution,
Cutting woods for wood,
Are threatening some species,
It's never really good...
Endangered species are at risk,
To go and disappear,
Protecting them is pretty cool,
I think that’s pretty clear...
So let’s protect the pristine places,
Living things call home,
Preventing any more extinctions,
Let all species roam!

Extinction occurs when the last members of a species die off.
Mass extinctions can be caused by natural events such as volcanoes, disease or changes in global climate (ie: ice age), but extinctions may also be caused by human interactions with the environment. These may include, pollution, destruction of habitat or introduction of non-native species.

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