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Mr. R.'s Elementary Science Music Videos

pi day!
pi day pi day
measurement measurement song
physics gravity song
chemistry dissolve song
Animals penguin song
Solar System solar eclipse planet song
Earth Science water cycle 3 types of rock-science song volcano song
Season Songs seasons song winter song- a 4 seasons song spring song summer song fall song
Plants and Trees tree song seed song mr. r.'s photosynthesis song earth day tree song
Human Body
human heart song digestive system song bones songrespiratory system
parts of body song left and right song
Biology and Life Science butterfly metamorphosis science song NOCTURNAL ANIMALS diurnal animals omnivore herbivore carnivore song food chain song predator and prey song migration song
5 Senses nose- a 5 senses song nose song- 5 senses eyes- a 5 senses song ears song- a 5 senses song five senses song- sense of touch sense of taste song
Calendar Songs months of year song days of week song 365 days a year song 24 hours in a day
Mapping/Geography cardinal directions song 50 states of USA song 50 states song 2
position songs
(early learners)
up and down song left and right song
color songs
(early learners)
color song- science song- common core science