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Wind Poem

windy autumn day

Dude called wind,
Breezed through town,
Blew right in,
Blew me down...
Liked to squall,
Liked to blow,
Liked to push,
Liked to flow...
wind vane
Dude called wind,
Came to prove,
Change of pressure,
Makes air move,
Wind left town,
With a gust,
Dude called wind,
Strong and tough,
Dude called wind,
Breezed through town,
Nearly blew,
The whole place down!

What is wind?
Wind occurs when large amounts of air move from one place to another.
Wind is created when masses of air become heated or cooled. This change of temperature causes changes in air pressure, which in turn create winds (air moving to reach equilibrium in pressure).
Wind speed is measured by a device called an anemometer.
For many years, Mt. Washington in New Hampshire held the record for the strongest measured wind- a gust of 231 mph (371km/h). Now Australia’s Barrow Island holds that claim with a 253 mph (407 km/h) gust in 1996.
Wind has many uses. It can be used to produce electricity, help fly kites, sail ships, enable certain aircraft to travel, and drive windmills.
The strongest winds in the solar system occur on Saturn and Neptune.

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