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Volume Poem

I'd like a light-blue swimming pool,
Said a little fly,
That's where I'd swim, and dance, and play,
In hot months like July...
swimming pool
The woman selling swimming pools,
Was really quite surprised,
Insects didn't buy blue pools,
And never little flies...
I want enormous water!
Screamed swimming, flying fly,
I want humongous water!!
I’m just that kind of guy!!!
The woman selling swimming pools,
Laughed out loud with pleasure,
Enormous, big, and even huge,
Are not the way we measure...
The water in the swimming pool,
That fills up all the room,
Is the space inside an object,
It's what we call volume!

What is volume?
Volume (sometimes called capacity) is the amount of space inside an object, and generally describes how much liquid or gas it can hold. For example, it determines the amount of water a jar (or swimming pool) can hold. There are many ways to measure volume. These include:

Cups, pints, quarts, gallons
Ounces, teaspoons, and tablespoons
Cubic inch, cubic foot, cubic mile
Cubic centimeter, cubic meter

The volume of a 3-diminesional shape, such as a cube, or sphere can be determined through mathematical formulas. ie:
Volume of a cube = a3 where a = length of a side
(area only has two dimensions, while volume has 3) he volume of solid objects can also be determined by measuring how much water they displace.

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