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Venus Poem


Venus doesn't listen well,
Forgets what other planets tell,
How we spin,
Said the others,
Jump right in!
But Venus stopped,
And spun clockwise,
The brightest object in night skies,
The second planet from the sun,
Spins the other way for fun…


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Venus is the second planet from the sun.
Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise (a true rebel) and it rotates very slowly. It takes 243 Earth days for Venus to make one complete rotation- that would sure give you a lot of daylight hours!
Other than Earth’s own moon, Venus is the brightest object in the nighttime sky, and speaking of moons, Venus doesn’t have any.
Venus is the planet that is closest in size and gravitational pull to our Earth, and it is also the hottest planet in our solar system (yes, even hotter than Mercury) with temperatures reaching 750 degrees F (400C).


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