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Uranus Poem


I spin on my side!
That’s what I do,
My face is face down,
I never stand straight,
That’s really no fun,
My number is 7,
Away from the sun…
My orbit's real slow,
I never shift gears,
Around the sun?
87 years!
If you were born here,
Truth must be told,
You'd be like way-less,
Than 1-whole-year old!
The most-coldest planet,
In the whole sky,
My name’s Uranus,
Just wanna' say hi...

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Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun, and it is the third largest planet with a mass more than 14 times that of Earth.
Along with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, Uranus is a gas giant (made of gas and liquid) and probably has a rocky core. Uranus has 27 moons and has the second slowest orbit of any planet- it takes Uranus 87 Earth years to circle the Sun! (you wouldn't have a lot of birthdays if you lived there!)
Uranus spins on its side with its poles facing the sun, while all other planets rotate like spinning tops with their sides towards the sun (Because of this, each pole gets 42 years of sunlight, followed by 42 years of darkness- that's a lot of darkness!)
Uranus is also the coldest planet with temperatures reaching down to -371F (-224C)- better bring an extra sweater.

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