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Tundra Biome Poem

tundra arctic

"I wonder, wonder,
'Bout the Tundra,
Is there life to see?"
Asked my Great-Aunt,
Sally Sue,
The one with one left knee...
She went to find out,
All alone,
To Arctic, tundra land,
It was dry,
It was cold,
The wind whipped by her hand!
No tall trees,
But moss and shrubs,
Few things to roam the ground,
Permafrost and chilling cold,
Not much that sticks around...
Polar bears, an arctic fox,
polar bear arctic fox
Some seals enjoy the freeze,
Whales swimming,
Eating krill,
In the cold, dark seas...
An arctic hare,
arctic hare
An arctic tern,
A bright white snowy owl,
snowy owl
Living there in the tundra,
Where winds and wolves might howl...
My Aunt Sue loved the tundra,
She thought it was real nice,
Now she lives there all year round,
On a block of ice!

What is the tundra?
Tundra is a biome in which the growth of plants and trees is hindered by cold temperatures and short growing seasons.
Vegetation in the tundra is limited to shrubs, grassed, mosses, and lichens.
There are three types of tundra- Arctic, Antarctic, and alpine. 
Arctic and Antarctic tundra has permanently frozen soil called permafrost (which is why large trees don’t grow there.) Large animals, such as bear and caribou live in the Arctic, while no large animals are naturally found in the Antarctic tundra (due to its isolation).
Alpine tundra (tundra found above the tree lines of mountains) does not have permafrost, but the high altitudes prevent tree growth.

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arctic hare photo: steve sayles
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