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Troposphere Poem

I knew a girl,
Her name was Heather,
Liked to dance,
In bad weather,
Wild winds with sleet and snow,
Watch it Heather!
You never know!
Although it seems,
It can’t be seen,
The troposphere,
Can be quite mean,
The weather sometimes,
Turns from mild,
To blasting winds,
So wet and wild,
Before you dance,
My advice is short,
Listen to the storm report!

The troposphere is the lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere- all humans live in the troposphere (unless you're on the space station).
The troposphere stretches about 4 -13 miles above the surface of the Earth depending on latitude (thinnest at the poles).
Weather that we experience on Earth is due to events in the troposphere.
The troposphere contains 80% of the mass of Earth's entire atmosphere.
There is no ozone in the troposphere.
Generally, temperatures drop as altitude increases in the troposphere- that's why it's usually colder at the top of a mountain.
The tropopause is the boundary level between the troposphere and the stratosphere.
Nearly all water vapor is found in the troposphere- that is why clouds form in the troposphere.

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