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Tongue Poem: sense of taste


Suppose sweet candy,
Had no taste,
That would be a total waste!
And chocolate milk,
That tastes like water?
Won't be found,
On my order!
Pizza pies,
pizza pie
That taste like air?
That's not right,
That's not fair!
That won’t happen,
That I know,
'Cause tongue's the one,
In the show...
Tongue knows sour,
Bitter, sweet,
Tongue's taste buds,
Can’t be beat...
My tongue,
The organ,
Gives me taste,
Without it,
Would be a waste!

Our tongues are the organs which give us our sense of taste. The top side of our tongues are covered in tiny taste buds that can detect salty, sour, bitter, sweet, and umami.
Contrary to popular belief all taste buds can sense all the different tastes. There are no areas of the tongue (tongue mapping) which are specific to sour, or salty, or sweet. The tongue mapping theory was based on a long debunked study from 1901.
Our tongue helps when we are chewing and swallowing our food, and lets us create certain sounds when we are speaking (For a fun experiment, try eating or speaking without moving your tongue!)

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