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Thermosphere Poem

I think if we went there,
We’d really freak out!
Almost a vacuum,
Few atoms about...
Although it’s real hot,
Forget feeling heat,
Few atoms transmit,
That heat to your feet,
Or your face, or your skin,
You might not hear sound,
No molecules for sound waves,
To bounce all around...
You could be talking,
Singing a tune,
But when your friends listen,
A dead silent room!
Thermosphere’s weird,
At least, that’s what I say,
The 4th layer of the atmosphere,
A weird place to play...


The thermosphere is the fourth and largest layer of Earth's atmosphere.
The thermosphere begins around 53 miles above the Earth's surface.
The temperatures in the thermosphere increase with an increase in altitude.
Temperatures can get as high as high as 3000 degrees F! That said, there are so few atoms in the thermosphere, that heat does not get transferred very easily- you wouldn't feel that heat if you were there.
In some parts of the thermosphere (above 99 miles) there are not enough molecules to transmit sound waves, so sounds would not travel.
The international space station's orbit is in the thermosphere.

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