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Tooth Poem

I bit a rock,
Lost 1 tooth,
tooth 2
3 other teeth,
Are quite loose…
My brother wants,
To use some glue,
To put tooth back,
So I can chew…
He said to me,
You're not a shark,
You can't grow teeth,
Like trees grow bark…
You need your teeth,
Like any mammal,
Teeth are covered,
With enamel,
The hardest part,
They let you bite,
Protect your teeth,
To feel alright...

During our lives, we humans get two sets of teeth- the 20 so called baby teeth, which fall out and make room for the permanent, adult teeth (tooth fairy keeps the baby teeth...).
Adult humans normally have 32 adult teeth, including the four wisdom teeth, which usually emerge in early adulthood.
Teeth are the hardest part of the human body, and are used for breaking down food. Teeth are living tissue that is covered with enamel and have nerves and blood vessels inside of them.
(Sharks grow new sets of teeth every few weeks).

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