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Strait's Job Interview with Earth


Let’s get this straight!
Said a strait named Nate,
Repeat what you want me to do,
I only like working,
Where water flows freely,
No land, no sand in my shoe!
(Earth said)
I need you to help,
Join bodies of water,
A sea must connect to a sea...
I need a straight, strait,
To do the hard job,
Of connecting some water on me...

Strait Nate replied,
That's what I do!
Connecting wet water, not sand!
You should call isthmus,
That's what I say,
If you want to link pieces of land!

What is a Strait?

A strait is a narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water.
Straits are important for travel by ship as they enable passage from one navigable body of water to another.
Some well known straits are:
Strait of Gibraltar which connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea.
Strait of Magellan which connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans at the bottom of South America.
Bering Strait which connects the Pacific Ocean with the Arctic Ocean.

This is a cool image from Nasa that shows the Strait of Gibraltar between Spain and Africa:

strait of gibraltar

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