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Sound Poem

Things gotta' move,
To make a sound...

drum kit
When these movements,
Cause vibration,
tuning forks vibrating
They make a sound,
Vibrations travel,
To our ear,
In a wave,
That we hear!
ear and sound wave
Vibrate fast,
Sound is high,
Vibrate slow,
Sound is low!

Things gotta' move,
To make a sound!

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if you tube is blocked watch it here: ears
ears video- sense of hearing song

What is sound?
Sounds are made by vibrations that create waves (in air, water, etc.)
When these waves are detected by our ears, we hear them as different sounds.
When the vibrations are faster, the sounds have a higher pitch, and when they are slower, they have a lower pitch.
When the vibrations are moving more (larger amplitude) the sound is louder, and when the vibrations are moving with a smaller amplitude, the sound is softer.

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