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Shark Poem

shark poem
Hark! hark!
I see a shark,
But why's it here,
In this park?
Apex predator,
Of the sea,
Should not be sharing land with me!
Teeth so sharp,
shark teeth
Skin so smooth,
Dorsal fins,
To help it move...
Breathes through gills,
That's not all,
Eats it prey,
Large and small,
How this fish,
Chased me here,
I don’t know,
Oh my, oh dear!!!
This is really,
Really drastic,
I sure hope,
That shark is plastic...

plastic shark

What is a shark?
Sharks are a type of fish, and there are over 400 species that live throughout the oceans of the Earth.
Some sharks are very tiny, only about the length of a pencil, while some are huge, such as the whale shark, which is the largest fish in the ocean, and can be over 39 feet (12 meters) long. Luckily for swimmers, the whale shark is not a hunter and feeds by filtering small animals from the water.
Other sharks, such as the great white and hammerhead are known as apex predators- they are at the top of their food chains.
Most sharks can swim fast and have sharp teeth for catching their prey. These teeth continuously fall out and grow back during a shark’s lifetime.


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