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Roots Poem

A root of a plant,
Must absorb water high,
From the ground, to the leaves,
So those leaves never dry...
They can do other things,
Work hard like an ant,
They grow very strong,
Help support the whole plant...
They grow in the ground,
They grow in the mud...
They sprout from the seed,
Don't have any bud..
Don't produce flowers,
Not known to have leaves,
But store the plant's food,
Like hives do for bees...
Not bald like a baby,
Root hairs on their sides,
Roots are essential,
To help plants survive...

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The root is the part of the plant that typically grows below the surface (although there are plants that have roots that grow above ground).
Roots are important in the absorption of water, supporting the plant, storing nutrients, and preventing erosion of the soil where the plant is growing.
The first root of a plant is called the radicle. Roots can grow to great depths (more than 60m/120 feet) depending on the type and location of the tree.
Some roots, such as the carrot, radish, and beet are commonly eaten.

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