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Three Types of Rocks Poem

3 types of rock,
Are really a must,
These types of rocks,
Create Earth's crust...
Igneous rocks,
When lava halts,
Are volcanic rocks,
Like mafic basalts...
basalt rock
Sedimentary rocks,
Should it be known,
Compressed like coal,
Or like limestone...
Temp and pressure,
At extremes?
Metamorphic rock,
Is formed it seems...
sedeimentary rock
4 billion years,
Rock's been here!
So I don’t think,
They’ll disappear!
Used for tools,
From times of old,
Or are they ores,
With lead or gold?
4 billion years,
Of rocks, I said,
Like those used,
By a dude named Fred...


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3 types of rocks song

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The Earth’s outer layer is made of 3 different types of rock:

1. Igneous rock- formed by cooling of magma or lava (granite, basalt).
2. Sedimentary  rock- formed when material from the Earth’s crust is deposited and hardens in water  (limestone, coal, shale).
3. Metamorphic rock- formed when Igneous and Sedimentary, and other metamorphic rocks are changed by high temperature and pressure (marble, slate, schist).

Geologists are scientists that study the Earth’s crust and how it is shaped and how it changes. If you’d like to study rocks and minerals, then study geology!

Ores are types of rocks that have elements inside of them. For example rocks may contain iron, lead, magnesium, and of course silver, and gold.

Rocks have been used as tools for millions of years.

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