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Rain Poem

rain cloud
On the big, special day,
Of Bear Town's big fair,
There were clouds in the sky,
A chill in the air!
The mayor of Bear Town,
Said it real plain,
I’m sorry to say,
I think it might rain!
The clouds are so full,
The humidity’s high,
Rain for our fair,
He sighed out a sigh,
But I have a plan,
To clear up the air,
To get rid of the rain,
And save the bear fair...
He gave the bears straws,
And they formed into crowds,
And they blew through their straws,
Straight at the rain clouds...
The clouds blew away,
One cloud by one,
Until they were gone,
And left only the Sun!


What is rain?
Rain is liquid precipitation (water) that falls from the sky.
Rain happens when water vapor in the sky condenses (forming clouds). When the water vapor in the clouds is heavy enough to fall, it returns to Earth in raindrops.
Rain, and other forms of precipitation such as snow and hail, are an important part of the water cycle, and they provide a constant supply of fresh water to Earth.

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