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Predator Poem

I hunt for my food,
It’s just out of habit,
If I need a quick bite,
It's mice, maybe rabbit...
I’m a lion, a Great White,
A cheetah, a bear,
All of us predators should give you a scare!
I move really fast,
I’ll chase if you run,
My teeth are so sharp,
One bite and you’re done!
I’m a bobcat, a tiger,
I stalk with a stare,
All of us predators should give you a scare!
I know how to hunt,
I’m really quite shrewd,
Eating live things is how I get food...
I’m a badger, a fox,
So run if you dare,
All of us predators should give you a scare!
Predators hunt,
And prey’s what we eat,
Don't’ pass the potatoes,
Just give us our meat…
We're snakes, and we're cougars,
We like our meat rare,
All of us predators should give you a scare!

Watch the
predator prey song
predator prey song

What is a Predator?
Predators are animals that hunt for their food (their prey).
There are many types of predators. Some common predators, such as tigers or jaguars chase down their prey and kill it before they eat it. Others, such as dolphins and fish often swallow their prey whole. Some predators such as spiders and some snakes use venom to kill their prey before they eat it.
Predators are an important part of their food chain and help control the population of other species.
The predator at the very top of a food chain is called the 'Apex predator' and is never the prey of any other animals. Some examples of apex predators are grizzly bears, alligators, killer whales, anacondas, and lions. Predators that are not apex predators can be the prey of other animals, for example a bird that eats insects as its prey, can be eaten by a cat or snake.

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