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Playtpus Poem

platypus poem

Whatever is a Platypus?
A funny sight to see!
I can't believe it's mammal,
But whatever could it be?
Schnoz just like a duck's bill!
Then toss in laying eggs!
And delivering serpent venom,
Through spikes found on its legs!
Living in Australia,
It's quite the cool celeb,
Feet resemble otter's!
Its toes, like frog's, are webbed!
webbed feet- swim flippers
It's tail, quite like beaver's,
Grinds up dinner's food,
No teeth to rip or tear,
I'd say it's kind of rude!
It hangs around in water,
Most or all the time,
It's really quite the strange one,
Though that opinion's mine...
OK, it is mammalian,
But it's out there, quite extreme,
A Duck?
An Otter?
Just call it Monotreme!

One of two types of egg-laying mammals (along with the echidna).
The platypus is only found in Australia.

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