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The Names and Order of the Planets


watch Mr. R.'s planet song!
planet song- teach the order of the planets

This short poem is a mnemonic device for remembering the names and order of the planets in our solar system. The first letter of each word of the first stanza (My very Elegant Mother Just Served Uncooked Nachos), match the first letters of the names of each planet:

My Mercury
Very Venus
Elegant Earth
Mother Mars
Just Jupiter
Served Saturn
Uncooked Uranus
Nachos Neptune

Here's an example you can use with your students,
or better yet, have them make up their own mnemonic!

Well, I know there are 8 planets,
But which comes first and last? 
I need a little planet trick,
To help me learn them fast!

My Very Elegant Mother,
Just served uncooked nachos!
And we don’t want to eat them,
They’re cold like grandpa’s toes!
My Very Elegant Mother,
Just served uncooked nachos!
And that’s the order of the planets,
This is how they go…

Mercury and Venus,
Our Mother Earth then Mars,
Jupiter and Saturn,
They’re gas giants in the stars!
Uranus and there’s Neptune
And now you’ve said them all,
Well Pluto used to be a planet,
Now it’s way too small…

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copyright Mr. R. 2014