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Physical Change Poem

Physical change,
Visible change!
Proerties stay the same,
Physical change,
Visible change!
Not burning an object with flame...
bunsen burner with flame
Like, cutting, and slicing,
And freezing, and grinding,
Don't cause a change of trait,
Not a change of molecules,
But maybe a change of shape...
hand saw
Physical change,
Visible change!
Can sometimes be reversed,
Physical change,
Visible change,
No atoms are perversed...
Physical change,
Visible change!
A change you sometimes see,
Change in texture,
Or even density...

What is a Physical Change?
A change that does not result in the creation of a new substance.
Physical changes are changes that change the physical properties, such as what happens when wood is cut, or glass is shattered (you still have wood or glass).

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