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Photosynthesis Poem

Plants doin' that,
Plants doin' this,
Plants doing photosynthesis!
Plants are busy making,
The freshest, sweetest food,
Mixing sunlight, water,
With a gas called C-O-2,
Plants don't have to eat things,
They never share a meal,
But always make their own food,
Photosynthesize with zeal...
Chlorophyll's a pigment,
A pigment nice and green,
Used in photosynthesis,
To make sweet plant cuisine!
Green plants feed themselves,
And feed us, yes it's true,
They help with respiration,
By making gas, O2

So whether we are hungry,
Or when we have to breathe,
The one thing we should tell green plants,
Is don't you ever leave!

Watch Mr. R.'s Photosynthesis Video
photosynthesis video

Photosynthesis Equation:

equation for photosynthesis

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