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Milky Way

milky way stars

Our galaxy, the Milky Way,
A place in space where every day,
The planets spin and stars go blink,
Where you and me, breathe and think…
The place our solar system lives,
The Sun, the Moon,
Where comets whiz...
Really huge!
So many stars,
So many planets!
Not just Mars!
The Milky Way,
Sky I see,
Galaxy of you and me!

Milky Way:
The Milky Way is the galaxy we live in. It contains more than 200 billion stars and over 50 billion planets. Scientists think that 50 million of those planets could be in habitable zones of their parent stars (anyone want to search for extra-terrestrial life?).
Our Sun and solar system orbits the Milky Way galaxy, and it takes more than 225 million years! The Milky Way got its name because of the white band that appears in the night sky. This band is produced by the combined light of the stars in our galaxy.

milky way bar(also a delicious snack)

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