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Mammal Poem

Bird, frog, and fish,
Felt all confused,
Thought they were mammals,
Their first day of school...
Welcome, said teacher,
To frog, bird, and fish,
You may remain in this class,
If that’s what you wish…
But from what I can see,
You’re not really mammals,
Like bears, giraffes,
Horses or camels...
Mammals breathe air,
Almost all cannot fly,
A few can lay eggs,
Fit in, you can try...
Mammals have warm blood,
Grow fur or have of hair,
Make milk for their newborns,
And give their young care...
Rabbits and monkeys,
Dogs and great apes,
Those are all mammals,
All sizes and shapes...
If you want to hang out,
That’s cool,
You can pass...
But frogs, birds, and fish,
Don’t belong in this class...

What are Mammals?
Mammals like you and I (I'm assuming you're not a fish, bird, or frog), are a class of animals that are characterized by their ability to produce milk for their young, the need to breathe air, fur covered bodies, and spinal cords (of course mammals share other similarities as well).
Almost all mammals have live births (the monotremes such as the platypus are an exception).
The frog, fish, and bird in this poem belong to other classes in the animal kingdom.

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