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Marsupial Kangaroo- a poem

Marsupial kangaroo,
Was a total grouch,
She promised friends and family,
She'd never use her pouch...
All day and night,
She zipped it tight,
Put up, 'No-Parking' sign,
no parking sign
Didn't want some Joey there,
Not hers, not yours, not mine!
But one fine day,
Something small,
Came crawling through her fur,
Adorably cute with silly face,
That changed her mind,
Yes Sir!
Now marsupial Kangaroo,
Always has a smile,
Has her Joey in her pouch,
She thinks it's quite worthwhile...

Kangaroos, like all marsupials, have a pouch in which the baby (joey) develops after it is 'born.'
Marsupials are mammals and they provide milk and warmth for their young while it is in the pouch.
After the joey has developed, it will begin to venture out on its own, but will return to the pouch to sleep and for safety. In some species the joey will use the pouch for up to a year.
Most marsupials are found in Australia and New Guinea, but some also live in South, Central, and North America.

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