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Hurricane Poem

Hurry Jane!
A hurricane!
Lotsa’ wind,
Lotsa’ rain...

Stay inside,
'Till it’s calm,
Can be dangerous
Hang with mom!
Hurry Jane!
A hurricane!
Lotsa wind,
Lotsa’ rain...

Swirling, sweeping,
Giant Storm,
An eye’s
The center,
It’s the norm!
Goes by many other names,
Other than that of hurricane,
Tropical cyclone,
Tropical storm,
Typhoon in Asia,
Is the norm...
Hurry Jane!
A hurricane!
Lotsa’ wind,
Lotsa’ rain...

Hurry Jane
Stay inside,
Stay real safe,
'Til winds subside...

What is a hurricane?
A hurricane is a large storm characterized by strong winds and heavy rain.
For a storm to be considered a hurricane it must have sustained winds of 74 miles/hr (119 km/h).
Typhoon, tropical depression, and tropical cyclone are all names used to describe this type of storm.

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