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H2O Poem

water molecule
"Oxygen atom!"
"Stop skipping school!"
Screamed oxygen’s mom,
I'm not raising a fool!
Oxygen atom,
Well, he didn't listen,
Skipped out on school,
Each class he was missing!
Went to the park,
Had nothing to do,
hydrogen atoms,
Were hanging there too,
"You wanna' join me?"
Oxygen asked,
"We'll be the gas gang,
Since we're all gas!"
Those three gaseous atoms,
H, and one O,
Signed a gang pact,
Right there in the snow...
They went off to run,
But fell to the ground,
Shocked when they formed,
A liquid compound...
Then, feeling real smart,
That new molecule,
2O water,
Went back to school...

What is Water:
Water is a liquid compound which has molecules that are formed when two hydrogen and one oxygen atom combine (Yes, that's three atoms of gas).
Water is the only substance that typically exists on Earth in all three ‘standard’ phases of matter- liquid (water), solid (ice), and gas (water vapor).
Water is one of the few liquids that expands as it cools down (Don't put a sealed jar of water into the freezer). Because it expands, ice is 9% less dense than water, and that is why it floats.
Water is the most abundant compound on Earth. It covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface and is vital for life. The human body can be made up of more than 75% water.
Many substances dissolve in water and it is known as the universal solvent.

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