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Giraffe Poem


An ant staring up,
ant looking up
Gazing high at giraffe,
Squeaked out a squeaky,
Smallish ant laugh…
I’ll do it today,
I’ll climb up your neck,
Stand on your head,
Where birds like to peck!
Ant climbed, and he climbed,
Right up, towards the top,
But halfway up there,
He had to quit-stop,
Your neck’s too long,
Ant said with a sigh,
Your long giraffe neck,
It's really too high…
"The world’s tallest animal",
Giraffe said to ant…
You can’t find one taller,
Nope, you just can’t…

The giraffe is native only to Africa and is the tallest animal in the world. It can be almost 20 feet in height (6 m) with males weighing up to 2600 pounds (1,200kg).
A giraffe's heart has to be huge to pump blood all the way up to its head. That said, a giraffe's heart can weigh up to 22 pounds (10kg) (In comparison, the average human heart weighs less than one pound).
Giraffes feed on twigs and leaves, especially those of the Acacia tree. Their long necks enable them to reach parts of the tree that other animals cannot get to.


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