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Fungus Poem

There's fungus on my pizza!
pizza with mushrooms
There's fungus in my bread!
I think I'll eat some candy,
candy bars
Or have some fruit instead!
Fungi aren't green plants,
They have no chlorophyll,
Can't make food from sunlight,
I'm sure they never will!
They break down so much garbage,

They make things decompose,
Returning things to Earth,
Help fertilize what grows!
Those are facts of fungi,
Some good, and some are bad,
A million types of fungi,
Without some we'd be sad...
Now each time I eat a mushroom,
Each time I bake with yeast,
yeast packet
I'll go and thank good fungi,
They're quite a useful beast!

What is Fungus?
Fungi are neither plant nor animal and make up their own kingdom.
Although fungi often resemble plants, they cannot make their own food through photosynthesis, and must get their nutrients by 'feeding' on other things.
Fungi are an important part of the food chain and help return nutrients to the earth as they decompose organisms such as dead trees and animals.

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