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Five Senses Poem

5 human senses,
I do them all well,
There's sight,
There's taste,
chocolate bar
Don't mention,
My smell...
There's 2 other senses,
Things I can do,
Touching and hearing,
Can you do them too?
But which part of my body,
Do I use for each sense?
Can I use my two ears,
To smell different scents?
Can I hear with my nose?
Can my eyes touch a shoe?
That would be weird,
A strange thing to do!
Can my fingers taste candy?
Can my tongue see a bear?
I'm confused by five senses,
It's not really fair!
Can you help me find out,
Which parts for each sense,
If you just help me out,
You'll end my sense of suspense!

Five senses:

ears hearing
eyes sight
nose smell
skin touch
tongue taste

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