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Equator Poem

A silly little ladybug,
lady bug
Wanted to be greater,
Said she’d fly around the Earth’s,
Circular equator!
I’ll fly around the planet’s belly,
Right around its middle,
Others said the ladybug,
Was crazy as a fiddle!
The silly little ladybug,
Flew from her forest tree,
Looking for equators,
On the land and in the sea...
But when she didn't find one,
She was lost without a doubt,
She never saw the line,
And she couldn't hide her pout...

The silly little ladybug,
Got lost, and flew due north,
Turned around without a sound,
Zagging back and forth...
A wise old bird, shared the word,
Eating a strawberry,
You'll never see the Earth’s equator,
It’s imaginary!

What is the Equator?
The equator is an imaginary line that goes around Earth and divides it into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. (It is a line of latitude and is at 0°)
The length of Earth's equator is about 24,873.6 miles (40,030.2 Km).
Due to the direct way the sun shines, locations on and near the equator are almost always warm. Because of this, year-round heat, there are only two seasons at the equator- the rainy and dry season. Tropical rainforests are also located near or at the equator.
Unlike other locations on Earth, the length of the day at the equator remains generally constant- about 12 hours long.

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