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Elements Poem

The good matter,
That makes up,
Birds, rocks, or, elephants,
Can be broken right down,
Into chemical elements…
All that we touch,
All that we see,
And even the invisible,
Gas that we breathe,
Are made of pure things,
Found on that table,
periodic table poem
Some can decay,
Some are quite stable…
Elements known,
Make up all matter,
From hair to smartphone,
The water that fills,
The lakes and the seas,
A car, some salt, some big bumble bees,
Some trees, your knees,
Cows that are grazing,
All from the same stuff,
It’s pretty amazing!

What is an element?
An element is a pure substance consisting of only one type of atom. There are 118 known elements and 94 that occur naturally on Earth. All matter (anything with mass or volume) is made from these 118 elements.
Oxygen is the most abundant element on Earth, but hydrogen and helium are the most abundant elements found in our universe.
Although we may not look like it, humans are made up of elements as well. The elements that make up the greatest percentage of our bodies are Oxygen (65%), Carbon (18%), Hydrogen (10%), Nitrogen (3%), Calcium (1.5%). Other elements occur in smaller percentages.

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