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Earth Poem

It's a spinning sphere of rock,
That's flying through the air,
Third planet from the big bright sun,
A place we all do share!
Only planet with known life,
From birds, to bears, and bees...
So many types of living things,
From forests to blue seas...
We all share this common place,
Its beauty we all roam,
care for our great mother Earth
The place we all call home...


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Earth is the third planet from the sun and is the only object in the solar system that is known to support life.
Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours (1-day).
It takes Earth 365 days to orbit the Sun (1-year).
Earth has one Moon which influences the tides of  Earth’s oceans.
Speaking of tides, Earth is the only planet that currently has liquid water on its surface. This water was crucial to the development of life, which began about 3 or 4-billion years ago. Earth is the largest of the four terrestrial planets, which include Mercury, Venus, and Mars (a terrestrial planet is solid, while a ‘gas giant’ planet is made of gasses and liquids).

Earth's only Moon

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