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Dissolve Poem

Eat too much sugar?
sugar cubes
Nobody should!
But I like to eat sugar,
It tastes really good...
So I hid all the sugar,
Where it couldn't be found,
Not up in the air,
Not down on the ground!
Each day I had sugar,
But nobody knew,
They searched and searched,
Until they were blue!
Each day I drank sugar,
From a giant glass jar,
glass jar
It looked just like water,
But better by far!
It tasted so sweet,
And nobody solved,
My clear bottled liquid,
Had sugar

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dissolve song

When a solid is made into a liquid solution, such as when salt or sugar is dissolved into water. (Dissolution may also include the breaking down of solids, liquids and gasses into other solids, liquids, and gasses).

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