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Desert Biome Poem

desert scence
D is for desert!
D is for dry!
Don't wait for the rain,
To drop from the sky...
D is for desert!
D is for dry!
Some plants may grow there,
A lot are cacti...
D is for desert!
D is for dry!
Living things must adapt,
Without water nearby…
desert snake-
D is for desert!
D is for dry!
Cold or real hot,
And arid, oh my!
D is for desert!
Hot sand in the sun,
Don't go without drinks,
It won't be much fun...

What is a desert?
Deserts can be hot or cold, but they are all characterized by low rainfall (often less than ten inches/year).
The largest desert in the world is actually Antarctica (a cold desert), and the largest hot desert is the Sahara in Africa. Animals and plants that live in deserts have adapted to survive in the dry, harsh conditions. An example of this are cacti that can retain or store water with their bodies.
Remember to spell desert with one s or it will become dessert (like my third grade teacher always told me, you want more dessert so it has more s

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