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Condensation Poem

From gas to liquid,
Wets the nation!
We got water,
water drop
We got dew,
Rains on you…
We got fog,
We got clouds,
We get rain,
When water crowds...
We get droplets,
On cold glasses,
water bottle with condensation
Gas to liquid,
For the masses…
Water cycle?
Then there comes,
It rains water,
We dispense,
When gas cools,
It will condense!


Condensation is the process of a gas changing to a liquid.
Condensation is an important part of the water cycle, as it enables evaporated water (water vapor) to condense, and return to earth as precipitation.
Condensation occurs when temperature of the gas decreases or the pressure increases.
Condensation is the opposite of evaporation, which is the process in which a liquids change to gas.

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