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Chemical Change Poem

Chemical change,
Atoms changed,
Properties different too...
Chemical Change,
I'm feeling strange,
I've changed to something new...
Chemical Change,
I'm feeling strange,
My bonds,
I think they're breaking...
Chemical change,
I'm rearranged,
Like change that's caused by baking...
burned toast
Baking, or burning,
Combining things,
Making things react,
Like Na + Cl makes table salt,
We know it's just a fact!
salt shaker
Oxidize, or use a flame,
To make things hot, combust!!!
Iron tends to oxidize,
And makes a thing called rust...
rusty nails
Chemical change,
I'm feeling strange,
I'm different, how 'bout you?
Chemical change,
Changes things,
And gives us something new!

What is a Chemical Change?
A chemical change is a change in which the bonds between atoms are rearranged to create new substances with different properties.
Table salt is a mixture of two elements- Sodium (Na) and a chloride ion (Cl), that have very different properties from the crystals we sprinkle on our food.

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